Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another day another dollar....

     So, as most of you who have read my story to this point may know, I don't have a job right now. This has been an interesting journey. I am, without a doubt, confident that God has provided every thing and every moment of my life. I have had a string of joys and struggles over this last year that have worked up to this point in my life.
     The joys....they seem countless but I do see that it is important to articulate them. God deserves my thanks and others can be blessed and encouraged by my story. I have been inspired, if you will, by a college classmate of mine who is much more faithful about blogging than I have been (check out her great work: ....anywho, her entry for this week included a thankfulness feast! I have determined that I want to serve up my own helping of thankfulness. Thank you God...
Thank you  for only you can do all that has been done for us!
Thank you  for speaking into the lives of our friends and families so that they could speak truth to us. 
Thank you for orchestrating the selling and buying of our shelter...and dwelling within them to make them a home. You could have taken us through the difficult path that so many of our friends have had to sell their homes and we pray that we would have been faithful even in that test.  I pray right now for those who are walking through the hard part of real estate today. Give them peace that passes all understanding. Be present with them that they will be drawn to you and be comforted. 
Thank you for your faithfulness to me. I prayed to be available and now, I am. Teach me to use this gift to the fullest. I seek to be faithful. Make my mind clear to know what opportunities are the ones I need to embrace and those that are not meant for me.
Thank you for making my husband exactly the way that he is. 
Thank you for the time and togetherness that we have renewed by being in this new place in life.
Thank you for being enough. You have given us exactly what we need. Enough. Yet, your enough-ness is immeasurably more than I can hope or imagine. 
Thank you for all the people you have brought into my life. 
Thank you for real friends who want to be more like you and want me to be the best me that you've created. 

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Marla Taviano said...

Thanks for sharing, Kara! Blessings to you, friend!