Friday, March 9, 2012


I am a little late on the discussion this week. We've had some big happenings going on at our house. I'm sure I'll blog more about the process soon but we're officially finishing up our home study for domestic adoption.

This was a great chapter to kick things off. I have been, over the last two years, been trying to work on this area of my life. We believe that it is best for us (nutritionally, financially) and our community to buy locally. We like the idea of knowing where are food is grown/raised and the name of people doing the work. We bought our beef directly and we bought into a CSA (community supported agriculture). I highly recommend it! Our CSA is open for us to be part of the fun. There are lots of varieties of CSA arrangements.

So, we addressed the buy local area that we felt God was calling us to. I've felt that there was more. There is the obvious to those who know me in real life that I'm overweight so I know that there is a food issue. I've been working with my doctor to get healthier....and all my numbers in every indicator of health are really improving! I'm trying to keep up the work. Make wise choices. Stop being lazy...which is hard because eating out is so much more fun and easy.

My new goals:
-Use what we have first.
-Shop every 2 weeks.
-Stick to the meal plan.

I've been praying:
O, God,
      We've wasted
             We've complained
                   We've grumbled
      We've misused our resources
      We've confused
              our needs
                    with our wants.
For these sins,
      Father forgive us.
Help us
      reset our priorities
            according to Your will.


-Norma Johnson (Lobatse, Botswana) 
(I found this in the More-With-Less Cookbook by Doris Janzin Longacre)

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